Festival is a way to bind people and bring happiness in everyone’s life. Lohri is celebrated as a welcome to sunny days and this year we celebrated it in a very special way.

This year our NGO~ “Gursidak Foundation” celebrated Lohri at Shivalik Avenue, Naya Nangal with students of the tuition center. Several fun activities were arranged and dance competitions were held. The students were provided with refreshments as well. Roughly about 50 kids of the area were present there. We interacted with kids and celebrated the festival with all its rituals. It was a sight to the sore eyes to see the children participating in the activities and enjoying it. Our motive to spread happiness and make them aware about this festival was fulfilled.

Here’s a gist of how we organised this event–
Formerly, we went to Shivalik Avenue, a day prior before lohri to build a rapport with the kids and interacted with them. We solicited them that this year they won’t have to go and ask for Lohri, instead this year we will be obliged to celebrate lohri with them in their area itself. We also encouraged them to dress up traditionally.

The next day we went there and witnessed how beautifully they all were dressed, looking absolutely lovely and radiant. We had a couple of special guests in our Lohri event, Respected Sohan Singh Chahal sir and Hardeep Kaur ma’am, who made this event more special with their presence.

We played several fun games with the kids like “Sit and stand game”, “three claps” and “passing the parcel”. Subsequently, we held singing and dancing competitions for the kids, and we were overwhelmed to see that they were enjoying it so much.

We were filled with pride and happiness when Sohan Singh Chahal sir appreciated our work. Not only did he appreciate us, but also he was kind enough to make a donation to our NGO.

Another important task was assigned to the kids before the event, which included decorating their area. We gave them the responsibility of organizing this event on their own. We loved how they took the initiative of decorating for the event and dressing up themselves. It was a proud feeling to see them take charge of themselves.

Later on, we interacted with the parents of all those kids who are not a part of our tuition classes as we really wanted that each and every kid should enrol themselves in our classes to get education. We firmly believe that “Education is for All”.

Our event was filled with fun and giggles, and knowledge of tradition and culture. We are hoping to organize more such successful events in the future and expect all the love support and blessing we can get from you. Thereupon, we request everyone to keep supporting and sharing our work so that we can expand and keep educating and nurturing more young minds.

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